For those who wish to know where I have obtained the information on The Crystalline Entities mentioned within these Web Pages, I have consulted the Internationally acclaimed, Best-Selling Metaphysical and Mineralogical Encyclopedia that is currently available on the market. I am of course referring to "Love is in the Earth: The Crystal & Mineral Encyclopedia" {ISBN-10: 0962819069 ~ ISBN-13: 9780962819063}.

This hardcover comprehensive Tomb 0f Knowledge is a compendium of Melody's five previous books.

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals
{ISBN-10: 0962819034 & ISBN-13: 978-0962819032}
Love Is in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement A {ISBN-10: 0962819077 & ISBN-13: 978-0962819070}
Love Is in the Earth: Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement Z {ISBN-10: 0962819050 & ISBN-13: 978-0962819056}
Love Is in the Earth - Mineralogical Pictorial: Treasures of the Earth {ISBN-10: 0962819026 & ISBN-13: 978-0962819025}
Love Is in the Earth: Laying on of Stones {ISBN-10: 0962819018 & ISBN-13: 978-0962819018}

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About the Author

An internationally known best-selling author, Melody holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics. She is a Scientist whose cultural residence hails from Colorado. Her extensive understanding of the metaphysical and the mineralogical aspects of the Mineral Nation and Kingdom has stimulated and promoted world-wide interest. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, and has been sponsored to conduct numerous comprehensive crystal workshops, private consultations, and awareness seminars.

Crystal and Mineral Lore

Crystal MetaPhysics For A Crystals

Actinolite Adamite Adularia Aegirine Afghan Jade
Afghanistan Jade Afghanite Banded Agate Blue Lace Agate Botswana Agate
Crazy Lace Agate Dendritic Agate Fire Agate Flame Agate Moss Agate
Red Crazy Lace Agate Tree Agate Turitella Agate Agrellite Ajoite
Alunite Amazonite Amber Amber Calcite Black Amber
American Tiger Eye Amethyst Amethyst ~ Chevron Amethyst, Green Ametrine
Ammolite Ammonite Fossil Andalusite Angel Aura Quartz Angelite
Angel Wing Anyolite Apache Tear Apatite Apophyllite
Aqua Aura Aquamarine Arabic Script Jasper Aragonite Astrophylite
Auralite Auralite-23 Auralite Amethyst Atlantisite Aventurine
Aventurine, Peach Azeztulite Azure-Malachite Azurite

Crystal MetaPhysics For B Crystals

Bamboo Stone Banded Agate Banded Amethyst Banded Jasper Barite
Baryte Basalt Basinite Bauxite Bediasite
Bertrandite Binghamite Bixbite Black Amber Black Calcite
Black Jade Black Jasper Black Obsidian "Black" Tibetan Quartz Black Tourmaline
Blackstone Bloodstone Blood Quartz Blue Anhydrite Blue Calcite
Blue Chalcedony Blue Fluorite Blue Goldstone Blue/Gold Tigers Eye Blue Ice
Blue Jade Blue Lace Agate Blue Opal Quartz Blue Quartz Blue Tigers Eye
Blue Tourmaline Boji Stones® Bornite Botswana Agate Bowenite
Bracciated Jasper Brecceated Jasper Brecciated Jasper Bronzite Brookite
Brown Ice Brown Jade Buffalo Obsidian Bustamite

Crystal MetaPhysics For C Crystals

Cacoxenite Cactus Quartz Cafarsite Calavera Stone Calaverite
Calcite Calcite, Amber Calcite, Black Calcite, Blue Calcite, Clear
Dogs Tooth Calcite Calcite, Gold Calcite, Green Calcite, Gray Honey Calcite
Iceland Spar Calcite Mangano Calcite Milky Calcite Optical Calcite Orange Calcite
Pink Magnesium Calcite Pink Mangano Calcite Pink Optical Calcite Red Calcite Stellar Beam Calcite
Violet Calcite White Calcite Yellow Calcite Calligraphy Jasper Carnelian
Carribbean Blue Chalcedony Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl) Catlinite Cavansite Celestial Aura
Celestine Celestite Chabazite Chalcedony, Blue Chalcopyrite
Charoite Chevron Amethyst Chiastolite Chinese Painting Stone Chinese Turquoise
Chlorite Chohua Jasper Chrysacolla Chrysocolla Chrysoprase
Citrine Clear Calcite Clear Ice Clear Quartz Clinochlore
Cobra Jasper Colemanite Copper Coral Cordierite
Covellite Crazy Lace Agate Cream Jade Crick Stone Cross Stone
Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconium Cuprite CZ

Crystal MetaPhysics For D Crystals

Danburite Dalmatian Jasper Dendritic Agate Desert Rose
Diamond Dichroic Glass Dichroite Diopside
Dioptase Dogs Tooth Calcite Dolomite Dragon Stone
Dragon Septarian Dragon Stone Dream Stone Dumortierite

Crystal MetaPhysics For E Crystals

Eagle's Eye Elephant Skin Jasper Emerald Epidote Euclase
Eudialyte Exotica Jasper

Crystal MetaPhysics For F Crystals

Faden Quartz Fae Stone Fairy Quartz Fairy Quartz (White) Fairy Stone
Falcon's Eye Fancy Jasper Fire Agate Flame Agate Flame Aura
Fluorite Blue Fluorite Blue Pectolite Clear Fluorite Green Fluorite
Opal Fluorite Opalized Fluorite Purple Fluorite Rainbow Fluorite Fossils
Fuchsitic Prase Fulgurites (Fulgerites) Fuschite

Crystal MetaPhysics For G Crystals

Gaia Stone Galaxite Galaxyite Galena Garden Quartz
Garnet Gaspeite Gialite Girasol Glass (Manmade)
Glendonite (Glendenite) Goethite Gold Goldstone (Blue) Goldstone (Red)
Goldstone (Purple) Gold/Blue Tigers Eye Gold Calcite Gold Reef Quartz Gold Tigers Eye
Golden Healer Quartz Golden Brown Ice Golden Jasper Goosecreekite Goshenite
Gray Calcite Gray Lepidolite Green Amethyst Green Calcite Green Jade
Green Jasper Green Ice Green Millennium™ Green Spodumene Green Tourmaline
Greenlandite Grey Jade Gyrolite

Crystal MetaPhysics For H Crystals

Hackmanite Hag Stone Hawks Eye Herderite Hematite
Hematoid Quartz Hemimorphite Herkimer Quartz Hematoid Quartz Heulandite
Hiddenite Holed Stone Holey Stone Honey Calcite Howlite

Crystal MetaPhysics For I Crystals

Ice (Blue) Ice (Brown) Ice (Clear) Ice (Golden Brown) Ice (Green)
Ice (Orange) Ice (Pink) Ice (Purple) Ice (Red) Ice (Violet)
Ice (Yellow) Ice Cream Opalite Iceland Spar Inca Rose Indialite
Indicolite Indicolite Indigo Aura Infinite Iolite
Iron Iron Pyrite

Crystal MetaPhysics For J Crystals

Jade Black Jade Blue Jade Brown Jade Cream Jade
Green Jade Grey Jade Lavender Jade Nephrite Cream Jade Nephrite Jade
New Jade Orange Jade Polar Jade Purple Jade Red Jade
White Jade Yellow Jade Jadeite Jasper Arabic Script Jasper
Bamboo Jasper Banded Jasper Black Jasper Bracciated Jasper Brecceated Jasper
Brecciated Jasper Calligraphy Jasper Chohua Jasper Cobra Jasper Dalmatian Jasper
Elephant Skin Jasper Exotica Jasper Fancy Jasper Green Jasper Golden Jasper
Kambaba Jasper King Cobra Jasper Leopard Skin Jasper Miriam Stone Jasper Noreena Jasper
Ocean Jasper Picasso Jasper Picture Jasper Polychrome Jasper Rainforest Jasper
Red Jasper Riband Jasper Ribbon Jasper Sci Fi Jasper Snakeskin Jasper
Sonora Sunrise Jasper Spider Web Jasper Tiger Jasper Yellow Jasper Jet (Black Amber)

Crystal MetaPhysics For K Crystals

Kakortokite Kambaba Jasper Kansas Pop Rocks Kernite Kindred Spirit
King Cobra Jasper Kokoshanite Kunzite Kurnakovite Kyanite

Crystal MetaPhysics For L Crystals

Labradorite Landscape Quartz Lapis Lazuli Larimar Larvikite
Laumonite Lavender Jade Lavulite Lavuliteis Lemurian Seed Crystal
Leopard Stone Lepidochrosite Lepidocrosite Lepidolite Limonite
Lithio-Laser Lithium Quartz Lodalite Lodestone Lodolite

Crystal MetaPhysics For M Crystals

Magnetite Mahogany Obsidian Malachite Mangano Calcite Manganocalcite
Marra Mamba Melody's Stone Meteorite Merlinite Mexican Obsidian
Mexican Mahogany Milky Calcite Milky Quartz Miriam Stone Jasper Moki Marbles
Moqui Marbles Moldavite Molybdenum Mookaite Moon Opal
Moonstone Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Tourmaline Morganite Moss Agate
Mugglestone Muscovite

Crystal MetaPhysics For N Crystals

Natrolite Nebula Stone Needle Stone Needle Zeolite New Jade
Nephrite Cream Jade Nephrite Jade Nickel Noreena Jasper Norwegian Moonstone
Novaculite Nuumite Nuummit Nuummite

Crystal MetaPhysics For O Crystals

Obsidian Apache Tear Obsidian Black Obsidian Mahogany Obsidian Mexican Obsidian
Mexican Mahogany Obsidian Rainbow Obsidian Silver Sheen Obsidian Snowflake Obsidian Triple Flow Obsidian
Ocean Jasper Odin Stone Okenite Onyx Opal
Opal Aura Opal, Purple Opal Fluorite Opalized Fluorite Optical Calcite
Orange Calcite Orange Ice Orange Jade

Crystal MetaPhysics For P Crystals

Papagoite Peach Aventurine Peacock Ore Peacock Rock Pearl
Pearl Aura Pectolite (Blue) Péridot Petalite Petoskey Stone
Petrified Dinosaur Bone Petrified Wood Phantom Quartz Phenacite Phenakite
Picasso Jasper Picasso Marble Picasso Stone Picture Jasper Picture Rock
Pietersite Pink Ice Pink Lepidolite Pink Magnesium Calcite Pink Mangano Calcite
Pink Optical Calcite Pink Spodumene Pink Zoisite Pipe Clay Pipestone
Platinum Polar Jade Pollucite Polychrome Jasper Porcupine Quartz
Praetorianite Prase Prasiolite Prehnite Purple Goldstone
Purple Ice Purple Jade Purple Lepidolite Purple Opal Purperite
Purpurite Pyrite Pyrolusite Pyromorphite

MetaPhysics For The Mighty Quartz

Quantum Quattro Silica® "Black" Tibetan Quartz Blue Quartz Blood Quartz Cactus Quartz
Clear Quartz Faden Quartz Fairy Quartz Garden Quartz Golden Quartz
Hematoid Quartz Honey Quartz Landscape Quartz Lithium Quartz Milky Quartz
Misty Quartz Porcupine Quartz Phantom Quartz Quartzite Red Orange River Quartz
Rose Quartz Ruby Aura Quartz Rutilated Quartz Scenic Quartz Smelted Quartz
Smoky Quartz Snow Quartz Spirit Quartz Tibetan "Black" Quartz Tibetan Scepter Quartz
Tourmalated Quartz White Fairy Quartz White Jade White Marble Witches Fingers Quartz
Yellow Quartz

Crystal MetaPhysics For R Crystals

Rainbow Aura Rainbow Flame Aura Rainbow Moonstone Rainbow Obsidian Rainforest Jasper
Rasorite Red Aventurine Red Beryl Red Calcite Red Crazy Lace Agate
Red Goldstone Red Ice Red Jade Red Jasper Red Lepidolite
Red Orange River Quartz Red Tigers Eye Rhodizite Rhodochrosite Rhodonite
Rhyolite Riband Jasper Ribbon Jasper Richterite Rose Lepidolite
Rose Quartz Royal Aura Quartz Royal Dumortierite Rubellite Ruby
Ruby Aura Quartz Ruby Fuschite Ruby in Zoisite Rudraksha Seeds Rutilated Quartz
Rutile Ryolite

Crystal MetaPhysics For S Crystals

Sacred Seven Sangi Yashm Sapphire Sard Sardonyx
Sarsen Stone Satyaloka Quartz Satya Mani Quartz Scapolite Scenic Quartz
Schorl Sci Fi Jasper Scolecite Sekaninaite Selenite
Septarian Serafina Serafina Chlorite Serafinite Seraphinite
Serpentine Shattuckite Sidhe Ring Silicon Silkstone
Silver Silver Ore Silver Sheen Obsidian Silver Topaz Sioux Quartzite
Smithsonite Smoky Quartz Snakeskin Jasper Snow Quartz Snowflake Obsidian
Soapstone Sodalite Sonora Sunrise Spectrolite Sphalerite
Sphene Spiderweb Jasper Spiderweb Turquoise Spinel Spirit Crystals
Spirit Quartz Spodumene (Green) Steatite Stellar Beam Calcite Stichtite
Stilbite Sugilite Sulfer Sulfur Sulphur
Super Seven Super 23 Sunstone

Crystal MetaPhysics For T Crystals

Tanzan Aura Tanzanite Tanzanite Aura Tasmanite Tanzine Aura
Tempeststone Tektite Thulite Tibetan "Black" Quartz Tibetan Scepter Quartz
Tibetan Sunstone Tibetan Tektite Tiffany Stone Tiger Iron Tiger Jasper
Tigers Eye Tigers Eye (Blue) Tigers Eye (Blue/Gold) Tigers Eye (Gold) Tigers Eye (Red)
Tiger's Iron Eye Titanite Titanium Aura Triple Flow Obsidian Topaz
Tourmalated Quartz Tourmaline Tourmaline (Black) Tourmaline (Blue) Tourmaline (Green)
Tourmaline Moonstone Transvaal "Jade" Tree Agate Tugtupite Tunellite
Turitella Turquenite Turquoise Yellow Turquoise Turquonite

Crystal MetaPhysics For U thru Z

Unakite Unionite Ussingite Variscite Verdelite
Verdite Vermarine Vermeil Viking Stone Violet Calcite
Violet Ice Violet Lepidolite Water Sapphire White Calcite White Fairy Quartz
White Jade White Lepidolite Witches Amulet Witches Fingers Witches Fingers Quartz
Wonderstone Wulfenite Yellow Calcite Yellow Chinese Turquoise Yellow Ice
Yellow Jade Yellow Jasper Yellow Lepidolite Yellow Quartz Yellow Turquoise
Yttrian Fluorite Zebra Stone Zeolites Zincite Zircon
Zoisite Zoisite (Blue) Zoisite (Green) Zoisite (Pink)
Zoisite (Purple) Zoisite (Ruby)

Metaphysical and Healing Lore

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