Before you Call the Quarters, or attempt any act of Magick You need to know the difference between Summoning, Stirring, and Calling. The interaction with the Spirit Realm must be conscious and informed. For each of the many inhabitants that you could, can and will meet have a different type of influence in both the physical and the metaphysical Realms.

During the creation, Spirit was the First Elemental brought into existance all others were created from it's substance. This Elemental as well as all of the others have their effectiveness not only on the physical plane, but in the metaphysical plane as well (See The Hermetic Principles). Every element has two polarities, namely passive and active, or positive and negative. But this does not apply to the Elementals for They are what matter is made up of. Spirit's energetic charge is neither Positive nor Negative, It is neutral or Non-polar, whereas Fire, Water and Air are Bi-polar and Earth is Tetra-polar. It Must be noted here that we are not dealing with the common Elements but the Elementals (Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth). The Elements are only aspects of the physical or material plane. Instead we are dealing with the pure universal attributes of the Elementals. Attributes which are active and latent in everything that Has Been, IS and Ever Will Be created in the entire micro and macro-cosmos, in this dimension and in all others.
Direction = "above and below, within and without, around and about".

Fire was the Second Elemental brought into existance.
The positive polarity is constructive, creative and procreative, And the negative polarity is decomposing and destructive.
Fire's energetic charge is positive.
The fundamental attributes of fire are heat and expansion, fire and light.
Wiccan Traditions = South
Alchemist, Kabbalahlist & Magi Traditions = East
Native American and Shamanic Traditions = West

Fire is for strength, lust, passion, strong emotion, creativity and purification. The Salamanders are the Elementals of Fire. To some they are Salamanders or lizards but to others they are The Dragons. The Fire image is definitely masculine and relates to the Horned God: Cernunnos, Lucifer, call Him what you will. He stands in the hot light of the noonday sun, radiating fiery energy. He would bear an Athame or sword, which is the weapon of Fire in most Wiccan styles.

The Third Elemental brought into existance was Water. Water's energetic charge is negative. In comparison to Fire, it has entirely opposite attributes, it's fundamental properties being coldness and contraction. Here we are again dealing with two poles: The active pole is constructive, life-giving, nourishing and preserving. Whereas the negative pole is decomposing, fermenting, divisive and dispersive. Fire as well as Water are active in all regions. In accordance with the Fourth Law of Creation Fire cannot exist by itself but must contain within itself an antipole, the Water principal. These two elements Fire and Water, are the fundamental elements with which everything was created. Consequently we have to reckon everywhere with these two elements, and with their electric and magnetic fields.
Native American and Shamanic Traditions = North
Alchemist, Kabbalahlist, Magi & Wiccan Traditions = West
Water is love, friendship, emotion, balance, and intuition. The Undines are the Elementals of Water. They are the mermaid type beings. The Water image is the Maiden, the mistress of the Moon and the Tides: Aradia, Artemis, Diana, Venus rising from the waves. Her image is lit by the silver light of the moon, upon a tranquil reach of water or the foaming sea.
She might hold the Chalice, The symbol of water.

The Fourth Elemental that originated from Spirit is the Elemental of Air. Magi Initiates do not consider this a true Elemental. Instead they make the concession of giving it a position as a mediator between the elements of Fire and Water. In Effect Air establishes a neutrality zone between the active and passive activities of Fire and Water. All Created life has been set into motion through the reciprocal action of the active and passive polarities of the Elements of Fire and Water. In this position as mediator Air has acquired from Fire the attribute of warmth and from water the attribute of moisture. Life could not exist without these two attributes. These two attributes also give the Elemental of Air two polarities.
The positive attribute equals The life giving polarity and the negative attribute equals The destructive polarity.
Native American, Shamanic & Wiccan Traditions = East
Alchemist, Kabbalahlist & Magi Traditions = North
Air is intellect, dreams, weather and inspiration. The Sylphs are the Elementals of Air. To some they are Fairies with butterfly wings, for others they are the Angels and Devas. The Air image in Wicca seems to be masculine and relates to Herne (the Black Man), Hermes (the messenger of the Gods), or the Sky Gods (Odin or Lugh). The God can be imagined as riding through the night sky, at the head of the Wild Hunt, or rising above the branches of the world-ash. Instead of the Sword given to Cernunnos, the God might carry a bell, staff, spear or wand, which is attributed to Air in most Wiccan traditions.

The Fifth and last Elemental is the Elemental of Earth. And again Magi Initiates do not consider this a true Elemental. For Earth is the reciprocal result of Fire, Water and Air. In otherwords Earth is made up of and contains all of the other three Elements. Earth has the specific attribute of solidification. And It is this attribute which has given the other three Elements a concrete form. At the same time the activities of the other three have been limited and slowed. As a result, space, measure, weight, mass and time have come into being. And due to the Tetra-polar activities of Earth, Magick as we know it becomes possible.
Thus, this is why the Lady and not the Lord holds sway over Magick
Wiccan Traditions = North
Native American, Alchemist, Kabbalahlist, Shamanic & Magi Traditions = South
Earth is fertility, money, stability, strength and tranquility. The Gnomes are the Elementals of Earth. Elementals are on the spiritual or astral plane. They cannot always be seen with the naked eye. It takes practice to see and feel them. The Goddess in Her aspect as Earth Mother is here: Cerridwen, Hertha, Habondia, Demeter, Danu. She stands beneath the golden, life-giving sun surrounded by the fruits of the Earth. Before her, a platter flows with good things of the Earth, for the disk/shield/platter is the pentacle, the magickal lifegiving instrument of Earth.

Only Wiccans Summon the Elementals. The Wiccan Traditions believe that the Elementals have to be told exactly what is wanted because they are not as intelligent as other spirit beings or entities. Some people even think of them as having the intelligence of children, others with the intelligence of animals. Be specific when you tell them what you want, is the Wiccan Litany. If you want them to guard the circle, then they will face away from the circle keeping everything out. If you want their energy then they will face into the circle. When you are through you dismiss them to their plane harming none in their passing. Again this applies only to the Wiccan Traditions, The Traditions of the Magi, Native American and Shaman know better (They summon no one).
Stir is what you would do with The Little People, Devas and Fairies.
Stir is to gently awaken them, after working with them
you would tell them to return from whence they came harming none in their passing.
Calling is what you would do for Warders, Dragons, Angels, Spirit Guides, Watchtowers and Gods.

Call is like asking them to join you for help, instruction and/or guidance.
When you are though working with each of them
thank them for their help, instruction and/or guidance.

I suggest you do research if you are going to work with anything other than the Elementals. As you progress you will meet different beings. Later you can call upon them for assistance, guidance, help or training. I would not suggest calling one of the Dragons or one of the Warders until after you have met one, or have done a lot of research on them.
You will need to crawl before you walk or run.
Don't rush yourself. As you grow you will encounter more when you are ready.

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